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A gathering of exceptional talent

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A gathering of exceptional talent

Unilever’s outgoing CMO Keith Weed recently said, “No client is looking to spend more money on creative assets, but we are all looking to create more assets.”

Producing prolific, high quality video content is always a challenge, but it can be done brilliantly – and cost effectively. ewanme’s unique ‘modular’ approach to creative content, provides a credible solution to the challenges that marketers and agencies are facing in the demands of the digital era.

Our answer lies in the diverse wealth of experienced talent that now exists in the freelance arena; from experienced creatives, agency production through to highly skilled post talent, editors, designers, VFX artists and colourists.

Over the last five years or so, a pool of freelance talent has emerged that is not the ‘B, C, D” list players historically associated with the freelance life, but a group of experienced people who have been honing their skills over the last 15 to 20 years in high profile agencies and facilities, and are looking for new work / life balance with a more flexible ways of working.

The opening up of the talent pool, coupled with technology that enables ‘remote’ working (portable post kit for example), allows ewanme to create bespoke teams, unique to each project. We cover everything from creative thinking through to post and delivery, charging a fixed day rate per person, with none of the additional agency fees or charges normally associated with a traditional post house.

Bespoke teams of creative individuals are hand picked according to brief and go direct to where they are needed, whether that’s the marketer or the agency. Once in place, they get straight on with cracking briefs that they see though to delivery, working closely and seamlessly as one team – with minimum overheads and maximum efficiency.

By bringing in the right skill sets on a project-by-project basis, we ensure that our client gets the A team without any ongoing overheads. By the very nature of being freelance, our teams turn up fresh and committed, ready to give 110% to ensure that the project is the best it can be — and improve their chances of securing future work.

If a ‘hub’ is needed for a project, our experienced freelance team takes over an Airbnb apartment, rolling an agency, production and facility into one seamless and effective offering.

“Why have an army when you can have the special forces?”

If you would like more information on how ewanme can help you with your post production requirements, please contact Ewan at ewan@ewanme.co or call 07887 663 560.

Hayley Coello