A Logical Union

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A Logical Union

A Logical Union

ewanme is extending its unique post production services to include agency production expertise, and TV clearance and distribution, all under the ewanme ‘virtual’ umbrella.

By integrating these key services to ‘top and tail’ the existing ewanme unique post model, ewanme offers clients who don’t have full time production and traffic services, the whole process from agency clearance to online versioning & adaptation through to air, efficiently and cost effectively.

Ewanme has joined forces with Clockwork London to provide clearance and delivery and brings in experienced freelance versioning agency producers to oversee the account. As consistent with the unique ewanme model, with no overheads to cover, charging a fixed day rate that covers the whole process.

Ewan says: If we were to throw all the traditional processes in the air and rearrange them when they fall; the management, creation, and delivery of commercials to air is grouped together. With such experienced independent traffic companies and freelance agency producers out there, it seems logical that we come together and provide an efficient, seamless professional service to agencies who have the account but hasn’t the regularity or volume to justify permanent staff to deliver”.

Please get in touch to find out more.

Hayley Coello