Adapting the Post Model to fit a changing industry

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Adapting the Post Model

Adapting the Post Model to fit a changing industry

One can’t help but wonder whether it is pure coincidence that at a time when agencies and brands are facing their biggest challenge to produce high quality, multi platform video content creatively and cost effectively, that a new alternative post solution has become available which meets this criteria.

Significant developments in the industry have enabled a new, and more flexible way of working in post production. Firstly, the computer hardware is more powerful and portable, with software, (ie Autodesk with Flame/smoke and Adobe) more financially accessible to the individual/ small company, enabling artists and small companies to take ownership and offer their services direct to the agencies and brands. Secondly, there is now a new pool of exciting and experienced freelance talent that simply didn’t exist five years ago.

With these components aligned under one ‘virtual’ roof, it is possible to shake up the traditional facility model to provide a solution for creating ‘content’ and cost effective versioning, yet still using the best talent available. Ewanme has joined the dots and offers this alternative post model.

It’s a no frills approach that does not have the overheads of running deluxe suites in central London, or armies of runners and high artist salaries to maintain; the cost is approximately a third of a traditional facility.  It’s a model that has stripped back all the traditional extras, leaving only what is important; the talent, the necessary kit and the post experience.

Cherry picking the best talent from the vast freelance arena, we provide the kit, which is rented out on a day to day basis (arriving in a flight case if on-site) and provide the post producer to manage the project/ account.

The advertising industry has changed immeasurably but until now, the post facility hasn’t, still operating on an hourly suite rate that has been in place for the last fifteen years or so. Whilst this way of working is still the only option for high end vfx work, there needs to be another bespoke model that is more agile and cost effective for other more content driven projects.

ewanme charges a fixed day rate only, made up of artists day rate, kit hire and production fee – regardless of the number of projects in hand.   This means that our clients can work on a number of projects in a day – the day rate does not change and they can spread the cost over all the projects.

More and more often, specifically with content and versioning work, the agency do not have time to sit in the ‘suite’ and therefore there is no need to be paying for the overhead.  We take the brief, whether it be an individual project or ongoing versioning work and provide the best solution, either bringing the kit in flight cases to our clients office or working remotely – either way, the project is managed by ewame , saving our clients time and money.

If you would like to find out more about our virtual post production service you can get in contact with us via email  or by calling 07887 663 560.

Hayley Coello