Ewanme ‘Beefs Up Our Back End’

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Ewanme ‘Beefs Up Our Back End’

Ewanme ‘Beef Up Our Back End’ and are delighted to announce that Rak Bhattacharjee will be joining us as Head of Operations.  His role will be to bolster Ewanme’s back-end and strengthen ewanme’s infrastructure, bringing depth to ensure that with our freelance team’s working remote, all workflows, data and deliveries are managed efficiently and securely.

Ewanme 'Beefs Up Our Back End' - Rak Bhattacharjee

“As our client base continues to grow, we need to provide depth in our service, from top end freelance talent at the front, to state of the art data management systems for achiving, storage and delivery at the back.  Having worked with Rak for many years at Golden Square managing the ‘machine room’, and his subsequent senior role at Adstream, there is no one with a steadier hand to take the helm. Myself, Sam and now Rak, have clearly defined roles to take Ewanme to the next level.

The current climate is precarious for us all. The sands are shifting in our industry, but I do believe it’s creating an exciting new landscape that Ewanme has been at the forefront of..

We are about championing individual talent and with so many amazing individuals going freelance and joining the team – we can offer our clients more choice and more skillsets, drawn from the very best – at the most competitive of cost.

Ewanme ‘Beefs Up Our Back End’ – A Warm Welcome To Our Freelance Community….

Colourist – Duncan Russell

Duncan has been grading commercials, promos and short films and running the dept at various high end facilities, such as Glassworks and MPC – Among these are spots for NatWest, Nissan, Volkswagen, Guinness, Maynard’s, Puma, Fujitsu and Grolsch. Along the way Duncan has been nominated for an MVA, and made the top ten VFX artists list in televisual many times.

Ewanme 'Beefs Up Our Back End' - Duncan Russell

VFX Artist  – Tony Lawrence

Previously at Smoke and Mirrors and a front runner in the history of Flame.  Not sure if there is anyone more experienced in Flame VFX than Tony!

Ewanme 'Beefs Up Our Back End' - Tony Lawrence

Colourist  – Yoomin Lee  


Yoomin’s a Senior colourist now freelance having recently left MPC.   With fourteen years of experience working in commercials, music videos, TV series, concert campaigns, documentaries and films.   Very exciting to have Yoomin available for our clients.

Ewanme 'Beefs Up Our Back End' - Yoomin Lee

Agency Production Services 

In order to offer the full production service to our clients, we are building our contacts of Agency Producers, mainly ex Head of Television at London Agencies, such Ex WCRS Sally Lipsius.   With their vast experience at the front, we can offer a unique cost effective, ‘end to end’ full production service with no fees, just day rates.

For more information please do get in touch.

Ewan Macleod