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ewanme Expands Mobile Grading Team

ewanme is excited to announce that due to the overwhelming demand for providing ‘in-house’ grading services, we have added the experience and talent of freelance colourists, Kenny Gibb and Nedeem Al-Astrabadi to ewanme’s unique post solution. Ned, hails from the commercial arena and brings an exciting...


A Logical Union

ewanme is extending its unique post production services to include agency production expertise, and TV clearance and distribution, all under the ewanme ‘virtual’ umbrella. By integrating these key services to ‘top and tail’ the existing ewanme unique post model, ewanme offers clients who don’t have full time...

ewanme is restructuring the post model

At ewanme we are really shaking things up in the post production industry with our unique virtual post production facility. Bringing post production direct to the customer, our model addresses the changes in client demands, with experience gained from over 25 years experience working in...