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Freelancers of the world unite

Freelancers of the world unite!

Ewanme is expanding its unique offering. The company already provides bespoke post and production services to a wide range of agencies and clients.  Now it is moving ‘upstream’ to provide a host of creative services by harnessing the exceptionally experienced freelance talent that exists in...

cost effective video production solutions

Have talent with kit, can travel

ewanme has jumped on the ‘Pop Up’ culture bandwagon and now we have “Pop Up Post!” We continue to expand our roster of experienced and talented freelance post talent from colourists,  editors and artists, providing a unique mobile facility’  wherever , whenever out clients need it. When...

ewanme hires Director Operations

ewanme hires Director of Operations

ewanme are delighted to announce agency and post producer Sam Jones has joined ewanme as the full time Director of Operations. Using Sam’s extensive post and production knowledge he will join Ewan to manage the smooth day-to-day running of ewanme, and the ‘content workshop’, expanding the business that offers a...

ewanme Launches Workshop

ewanme Launches The Workshop

The virtual post model extends into production to challenge traditional approaches with a unique and cost-efficient solution. London, 23/04/2018 – Ewanme launches the Ewanme Workshop; an ‘end to end’ production solution that enables agencies and brands to create high-quality content efficiently and cost effectively under one roof. “The Workshop”, based...

ewanme Expands Mobile Grading Team

ewanme Expands Mobile Grading Team

ewanme is excited to announce that due to the overwhelming demand for providing ‘in-house’ grading services, we ewanme Expands Mobile Grading team to the experience and talent of freelance colourists, Kenny Gibb and Nedeem Al-Astrabadi to ewanme’s unique post solution. Ned, hails from the commercial arena...

A Logical Union

A Logical Union

ewanme is extending its unique post production services to include agency production expertise, and TV clearance and distribution, all under the ewanme ‘virtual’ umbrella. By integrating these key services to ‘top and tail’ the existing ewanme unique post model, ewanme offers clients who don’t have full time...