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Why be in an army, when you can be special forces?

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Why be in an army, when you can be special forces?

With so much uncertainty and sadly, redundancies looming in our industry as a consequence of Coronavirus – it’s inevitable that the post model will be forced to change and adapt. I’d like to think that out of this crisis will come new and exciting opportunities for more talent working remote with Ewanme to offer an agile and fresh approach, creating video creatively and cost effectively.

Ewanme has been working ‘virtually’ for years. The first to do so and the infrastructure is in place, tried and tested. In this crisis, we want to open the doors to new talent and build on our existing community, expanding with a wider range of skillsets & expertise by taking in the exceptional talent who have found themselves without work and / or want a different life work balance; working together we are stronger.

In order to meet the challenges we face, we are :

  1. Beefing up our Back End with IT and data specialists to ensure remote working is robust, sustainable and secure.
  2. Expand our creative and production talent to offer our clients a wider range of skillsets from creative to post.
  3. Continue to charge all inclusive day rates only.

If any of this is of interest, please do get in touch.


Ewan Macleod