Let’s Come Together

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remote video editing and vfx

Let’s Come Together


remote video editing and vfx


Ewanme has always been about championing individual freelance post talent.  Acknowledging and respecting specific skillsets to ensure our clients have the best, cost-effective, and most suited individual(s), working together as a ‘remote’ post production team on every brief. 

In these uncertain times, we want to continue to provide a seamless, virtual service to our clients; and more importantly to reassure the freelance community that by coming together, ewanme will do all we can to provide work and endeavour to pay on completion of each project. 

So…. to extend our services and bring more talent into the fold, we want to reach out to freelance creatives, producers and as always, exceptional post expertise; from editors, colourists, vfx and motion graphic artists* to come together and provide agencies and marketeers an ‘end to end’ remote production solution.

To make this a little more visual, here’s one of our fantastic CG partners, Fifhwall VFX’s, latest showreel.  Enjoy!

Thanks and keep safe .


*  Tools at home essential!


Hayley Coello