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ewanme Launches Workshop

ewanme Launches The Workshop

The virtual post model extends into production to challenge traditional approaches
with a unique and cost-efficient solution.

London, 23/04/2018 – Ewanme launches the Ewanme Workshop; an ‘end to end’
production solution that enables agencies and brands to create high-quality content efficiently
and cost effectively under one roof.

“The Workshop”, based out of Itch Motion Control Studio in Camden, seamlessly combines
ewanme’s unique ‘virtual’ post model of providing clients with the right freelance
post talent in-house or remotely with a fully equipped production studio. The Workshop
will be manned with an experienced production crew and the right post expertise
required, with the necessary kit to edit, grade and create VFX working together as one
team becoming familiar with the brands over time.

Founder, Ewan Macleod, comments: “I think there is a strong need, with the increasing
demand for high quality ‘content’ for a new production model that provides an integrated
solution; production and post working together seamlessly as one unit and charging
a simple all-inclusive day rate for it.”*

By merging the post and production stages, the workshop will bring unrivalled expertise,
communication and efficiencies in workflows and productivity which are ideal for
video creation, adaptions and versioning at the most competitive of rates.

Ewanme Launches Workshop- “We aim to build long term relationships with our clients, so we can get to the heart of understanding their brand and working alongside clients as a team, bringing our production
and post expertise to the table, managing their assets and ensuring consistent
high-quality content. Ewanme will basically become the clients exclusive ‘workshop’.
For more information, do get in touch with Lucy Paul at Itch or Ewan Macleod at

* freelancers , talent and specialist production kit excluded.

ewanme Launches Workshop


Hayley Coello