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ewanme restructuring post model

ewanme is restructuring the post model

At ewanme we are really shaking things up in the post production industry with our unique virtual post production facility. Bringing post production direct to the customer, our model addresses the changes in client demands, with experience gained from over 25 years experience working in the industry.

Up to now, a traditional facility house is the only option for post production regardless of size of project and intended media channels, broadcast and/or online content.    The model, billing by the hour and the associated rate card hasn’t changed in over twenty years, (just get better deals!) but because of the specialised and prohibitively expensive software required and that’s where the talent was, this was the only option available.

The incredible advancements in technology over the past years, has meant that this has all changed and there are other options to cater for high volume, fast turn around work.   Plus, with the emergence of experienced and talented Colourists, VFX artists, designers, online & offline editors now in the market place.  Taking advantage of these factors, the ewanme model brings the post production service direct to the customer’s own office if required, stripping away all costly overheads and additional charges, leaving only what is necessary: the talent, the kit and the expertise working on site or remotely.

At ewanme, we only charge a fixed day rate, as opposed to charging ‘per project’. There are no hidden extras such as fees for ingestion, mpegs or deliveries and there is no limit to how many projects that can be done in a day.  With this model, the more projects that a client does in a day, the more cost effective it is for them as the day rate doesn’t change.

The ewanme philosophy is simple; we provide the best talent managed professionally by experienced post producers, at the cleanest, simplest of rates.  If you would like to find out more about our virtual post production service you can get in contact with us via email ewan@ewanme.co  or by calling 07887 663 560.

Hayley Coello