If You Want a Job Done Properly – Use A Freelancer.

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Freelancers of the world unite

If You Want a Job Done Properly – Use A Freelancer.

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Ewanme was set up to champion the craft and talent of the individual / freelance video production post artists; producers , editors, colourists, vfx artists and animators etc , who I saw in my previous roles, were overworked, under-appreciated and undervalued working in corporate,  factory-style environments.

Ewanme offers a very simple, modular approach to post-production.  We have stripped back the model to what’s important; the individual talent and their tools – We bring in the artist, or build a team based around the requirements/skillsets needed.

At a facility you’re buying into a brand; at ewanme, you’re buying the individual.

So you have the best bespoke talent, cherry-picked at the most competitive rates.  Admittedly, charging at cost doesn’t stretch to plush ‘suites’ in the centre of London.   Without premises ourselves, we either come in-house or work from home.

Having worked with this unique model for several years, the advantages of using freelance talent is clear:

– Every bum on seat with a freelance team has to be earned; they are chosen specifically for their skills and strengths for your particular brief, there can be no weak links.

– They either have many years’ experience of working in post houses (mainly online), or they are young, keen and creative with fresh ideas (mainly AE artists) – all committed about what they do.

– They have to be good – if they’re not, they won’t win the work. 

– They are used to producing their own projects and taking responsibility for ingesting, managing and delivering – no blame game!

– There are no interruptions once the project has started.  They are yours wholeheartedly for the duration, committed and with a vested interest to make sure both the client and ewanme are happy. 

– They take every project – however small – very seriously, after all it’s their reputation at stake and every job is an opportunity to build ongoing working relationships with clients

– All of ewanme artists have their kit at home, as well as in mobile flight cases so they can work wherever needed, making changes or taking on last-minute projects in the evenings etc  – after all, it’s a simple transaction; you pay their day rate and they will ensure the job is delivered, 24 /7.

It’s an exciting time.  The freelance pool is growing rapidly on a global scale;  not only are a generation of video artists looking for a new work/life balance, but also swimming upstream, there are freelance creatives, planners and strategists coming together under the ewanme umbrella to create a unique ‘end to end’ service of exceptional talent.

More information:  www.ewanme.co

Hayley Coello