Freelancers of the world unite!

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Freelancers of the world unite

Freelancers of the world unite!

Ewanme is expanding its unique offering. The company already provides bespoke post and production services to a wide range of agencies and clients.  Now it is moving ‘upstream’ to provide a host of creative services by harnessing the exceptionally experienced freelance talent that exists in the advertising market place.

As a result of being able to implement a modular approach, Clients working with Ewanme will be able to cherry pick the individual skills they require on a project – from strategic thinking and creative development through to post-production.

These elements can either complement an existing in-house team or can be hired as a stand-alone unit for individual projects without the need for any long term commitment.

Based on the Ewanme model of charging Days Rates (as opposed to complex fee structures), Clients have access to the best freelance talent at the most competitive of rates.

If you would like more information on how ewanme can help you with your post production, please contact Ewan at or call tel:07887 663 560.


Hayley Coello