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Ewanmoi Goes Continental!



Everything we do at ewanme is centred around providing cost effective high end post production solutions.  We offer our clients an alternative to the traditional facility model by engaging with, and managing the talent and experience that now exists in the freelance arena worldwide.

First came ewanme’s studio  ‘Workshop’; a no frills motion control studio and post ‘facility’ under one roof, for a seamless prod / post workflow – ideal for product /pack replacements.

Expanding on this unique model and moving upstream,  we set up  “Meanew”; offering an end to end creative service; from creative strategy/initiation through to post and delivery with cherry picked freelance teams.

“Beauty by Ewanme” : a global team of beauty specialists, providing anything from the creative concept to vfx work,

…. and the latest:  Ewanmoi! offering multi lingual editors and vfx artists on site or remote to work on international campaigns who understand the language and subtle nuances of the specific country.

If you would like more information on how ewanme can help provide you any of the above, or give us another challenge (!)  please do get in touch with either Sam@ewanme.co or ewan@ewanme.co





Hayley Coello