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Meanew – A Unique ‘End To End’ Creative Service.

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Meanew A Unique Creative Service

Meanew – A Unique ‘End To End’ Creative Service.

Ewanme have set up Meanew Talent to attract and work with the best freelance talent in the adverting community; offering a unique and cost effective, highly skilled end to end creative service.

As a result of implementing a modular approach, clients working with ewanme will know they have experienced freelance talent, being able to cherry pick the individual skills they require, or the whole process – from strategic thinking and creative development through to post-production and delivery.

meanew talent -bringing together experienced freelancers to offer an end to end unique creative service.

meanew Talent represents a pool of the best freelance skillsets and experience needed at every stage of the creative process.  By working with freelancers, our clients will have a team wholly committed to the project to ensure the best results are achieved at the most competitive rates.

In keeping with the ewanme model, with no overheads ourselves –  we do not use complex fee structures, just each individual’s day rate

If you would like more information on how ewanme can help you, please contact Ewan at ewan@ewanme.co or call 07887 663 560.


Hayley Coello