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Time To Move On again

Time To Move On

It was always a little awkward, back in the 90’s, charging £240 plus for handing over a Beta Sp and VHS viewing copy, with a 1 x 10 second commercial on each.   I joked with Mana Franzini, producer at Saatchis, that if she upgraded to a U-matic copy, it would cover lunch for us. 

If a client used the A64 picture mover, or, God forbid, the A72 for titles – it was billed as an extra charge on top of the suite time. Throw in costs for sound lays, clocks, hospitality etc and the total bill would far exceed the original quote, sending the client into shock and confusion. 

Technology has moved on a lot from then, the press of a button has replaced ‘gold plated’ tapes and these days adding additional costs on top of suite time is debatable, a throwback to analogue days when there was a physical transaction.   I gather with some post houses, the ‘rate card’ hasn’t changed in 25 years…. !

With our unique model, its Time To Move On we have adapted with the times and simplified everything; our clients pay for the right freelance artist(s) time irrespective of what they are doing, so whatever button is pressed is included – multi versioning, sound lays, ingesting, WIPs, clocking etc.    

In fairness, this is possible because we operate without the overheads of post houses; no plush suites, army of runners, coffee bars in a central London location – we are certainly not the right solution for every vfx project and I will be the first to say. It’s a no frills model, working with the best freelance talent globally. A simple transaction – you pay the day rate and have the best freelance talent(s) working for you remotely and always know where you stand on costs.    

Sometimes I do miss the those Umatic days……   

Ewan Macleod