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‘Trade Post’

“If you’re afraid of getting a rotten apple, don’t go to the barrel. Get it off the tree.”

Jim Malone , Untouchables

There has been so much shifting sands brought upon us by the Covid pandemic and our industry is having to adapt.  If you take-out the tragic loss of life and major disruptions to our lives – moving forward there are some positives.  We have all had to review and refresh our offering, making it leaner and more efficient and learnt to work remotely.  Interesting boutique agencies have appeared with a fresh offering and Brands rethinking their creative strategy, in some cases taking it in-house.

The ‘Rise of the freelancer’ (another ode to a film) has also become a topic of conversation, not only with the IR35 issue, but also the recognition of the increasing importance they can / will play in our industry.   The talent and experience that exists in this arena is second to none, from creatives, directors, all the way to every aspect of post – particularly recently with sadly so many redundancies throughout the industry.  As a casing point, Sir John Hegarty invested in Genie, a freelance matchmaking service that enables brands to take on experienced creatives cherry picked for specific briefs / accounts.

Working with freelance teams is so refreshing and effective, they have to be exceptional in their field, if not, they wont get the work – simple. By working to a day rate, will go the extra mile to ensure, both ewanme and our clients are happy with the work, after all, it’s their reputation on the line. 

ewanme has proven that ‘remote’ working works long before the Covid Lockdowns.  I set up ewanme six years ago not only to offer a cost effective post solution that answered the challenges faced by agencies to create more high end video content, but to enable our team to have a better life / work balance by working from home.   With minimum overheads and by charging day rates only, we enable our clients to take post ‘in house’ with no financial outlay.  

With our model our clients get the best, bespoke freelance team on every brief at ‘Trade Price’.  Add freelance creatives and production on the front, and you have a best in class, cost effective freelance ‘end to end’ full service. 

As wise Sean said,  “Get Talent off the tree not from the barrel”.    








Ewan Macleod