Creating Video Content Creatively, Cost Effectively… and Remotely.

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Creating Video Content Creatively, Cost Effectively… and Remotely.

This is an article I wrote a while back about ewanme’s unique approach to creating video content.  With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus and the need to work from home , it’s seems more relevant than ever. 

Unilever’s outgoing CMO Keith Weed said, “No client is looking to spend more money on creative assets, but we are all looking to create more assets.”

Producing prolific, unique remote post production, high quality video content is always a challenge, but it can be achieved, creatively and cost effectively.  Ewanme’s unique ‘modular’ approach provides a credible solution to the challenges that marketers and agencies are facing in the demands of the digital era and now the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Our answer lies in dispensing with the overheads of  permanent staff and expensive workspace and stripping it back to only what’s important: the diverse wealth of individual experience and talent that now exists in the freelance arena. 

This coupled with technology that enables ‘remote’ working (grading kit/flames at home and project management / workflow through cloud storage), allows ewanme to create agile, bespoke teams working remotely. 

From creative initiation and planning, production to post and delivery – charging a fixed day rate per person only.  No fees and no ‘additional’ unforeseen costs. 

By bringing in the right skill sets and unique remote post production on a project-by-project basis, our clients are buying into the individual, not a company.  The team are committed to ensure they’ve earned their place;  after all, it’s their reputation and business on the line.

As I know from experience, engaging with freelancers or small creative studios is a very different dynamic from working with employed staff; every potential project could be your last, so one tends to go the extra mile. 

If you would like more information on how ewanme can help you in this challenging time, please contact Ewan at



Hayley Coello